We are very proud to announce a new service from TCE Transmission Ltd – TCE MONITOR

With most of our clients & industry at large, faced with reduced maintenance staff numbers due to furlough & redundancies, it is essential that reliability of equipment is maintained. TCE MONITOR provides reliable information 24/7 allowing for quick response to problems as they occur & efficient deployment of site maintenance staff & sub-contractors.

TCE MONITOR is powered by plantmetrix & is a true Remote Monitoring Service giving the following information;

– 24 hour monitoring of Motors, Gearboxes, Pumps, Bearings, Automatic Lubricators etc at any location
– Reporting can be set for time delays in minutes/ hours/ days
– Secure client area for monitoring of Automatic Lubrication Units
– “Plug & Play” option available for mobile equipment
– Low cost equipment installation
– Low cost monthly data charges
– GPS for asset location & also tracking of mobile plant
– Low frequency signal, so good building penetration & reliability of data delivery

Other sensors available for; Temperature, Vibration, AC Current, DC voltage 0-100V, Gas/Smoke, Humidity, Motion, Door switch, Light, Barometric Pressure, Water Pressure, Air Quality & many more..

We offer a call out service when combined with our Annual Service Engineering Plan.

TCE Transmission supply all of our Automatic Lubricators with TCE MONITOR – As Standard!