With most of our clients & industry at large, faced with reduced maintenance staff numbers (during Covid due to furlough) & redundancies generally, it is essential that reliability of equipment is maintained. TCE MONITOR provides reliable information 24/7 allowing for quick response to problems as they occur & efficient deployment of site maintenance staff & sub-contractors.

TCE MONITOR is powered by plantmetrix & is a true Remote Monitoring Service giving the following information;

-Secure 24/7 monitoring of lubrication devices/motors/gearboxes/pumps/fans/bearings, etc. at any location
– Reports and alarms can be set for delays in seconds/minutes/hours/days
– Easy installation & set up (in-house) and user-friendly dashboard
– The system sends alerts when the asset goes out of the predefined settings to a mobile/laptop, etc.
– Low-cost equipment and data charges
– GPS for location and asset tracking for mobile and fixed equipment (inclusion in PM schedules)
– Low frequency cellular signal – good for building penetration and low signal areas
– The system also uses LoRaWAN, Wifi and Bluetooth technology to increase signal strength
– Complete assets can be monitored from a main unit and Bluetooth or remotely wired sensors

Other sensors available for; Automatic Lubricator Alarm Sensing, Temperature, Vibration, AC Current, DC voltage, Gas/Smoke Detection, Humidity, Motion Detection, Perimeter/ Geo-Fence Detection, Proximity Switch, Door switch, Light Detection, Barometric Pressure, Water Pressure, Air Quality, Liquid Level Detection, Gap Detection & many more..

TCE Transmission can supply all of our Automatic Lubricators with TCE MONITOR!

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