Our vision is to bridge the gap between sustainability and large operators in the Buildings Products Industry. We automate aspects of key maintenance functions resulting in improved plant reliability, reduction waste, carbon-energy footprint and sustainable consumption of raw materials.
Energy intensive industries; contribute to more than 80% of industrial energy consumption in the EU28 Member States. Based on current industry decision making and organisational practices and current energy and carbon market conditions studies show considerable energy saving potential.
In view of the economic climate we believe a sustainability objective which focuses on economically viable solutions will drive energy efficiency and/or energy savings and address key points mentioned above.
Power spikes are often due to re-starting of production plant following breakdown, aside of the inconvenience the cost associated is significant. Investing in sustainable solutions addresses the cost and sustainability concerns. An aspect of our solutions is a reliable monitoring system, which acts as early warning system for plant performance problems. The system operates on cellular technology (tried & trusted by the UK’s utilities companies), which is very stable, reliable & has very good data delivery properties.
Our solutions are used widely in other industry to good effect, but not adopted broadly in the Building Products Industry for production of Asphalt, Cement, Concrete, Bricks, Blocks, Tiles, Aggregates. We have a solution which reduces downtime and associated costs while ticking your sustainability box.
Installation and your ROI is quick, for example, the cost of implementing our solution on every electric motor on a typical Asphalt Production site (50/100 motors) is equal to 1 x Electric motor on a Mixer Drive.
Historically systems addressing the above areas have not existed or aspects were expensive and time consuming, our solutions are a leap into the 21s century, working for you 24/7/365.