TCET are the Official UK Distribution Partners for Gruetzner GmbH & Graco Automatic Lubrication Products, Industrias YUK S.A. Bulk Handling Chains & Costacurta S.p.A range of wire belts. We supply a diverse customer base with these specialised products. These have numerous applications in many industries; such as in Building & Construction Products, Food & Beverage Production, Automotive, Spiral Cooling & Freezing and Energy from Waste & Recycling, to just name a few.

We have two sides to our business so please click on the relevant section below and discover how we can help you further:

TCE Transmission

Dealing directly with selected OEM customers, using our Technical expertise, to provide correctly selected drive solutions...

TCE Lubrication

We offer a range of Automatic Lubricators and Lubes which solve lubrication problems and keep your equipment/asset in good order.