TCE Transmission Ltd are focused on helping our Clients achieve their Reliability & Sustainability Goals. We can demonstrate how working with our products can reduce costs & Carbon Footprint. Please see our Studies Case study & Sustainability and Remote Monitor

We specialise in Remote Condition Monitoring Systems, Automatic Lubrication Devices & Specially Adapted Chains. Since our incorporation in 2008, we have been dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

TCET are Official UK Distribution Partners for Graco & GruetznerAutomatic Lubrication Products for Fixed & Mobile Plant, Industrias YUK  – Bulk Handling, Conveying & Roller Chains & CostacurtaWire Belts for Spiral Cooling, Food Production, Heat Treatment & BevCan-Making.

We supply a diverse customer base with these specialised products. These have numerous applications in many industries; such as in Building Products, Food & Beverage Production, Automotive, Spiral Cooling & Freezing, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Construction and Energy from Waste & Recycling, to just name a few.

We have three main focus areas to our business so please click on the relevant section above and discover how we can help your business.

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How does it work

  • Powered by 5-38V input Voltage
  • Sensors are directly connected to the application.
  • Data is transferred to the monitor to measure & record the characteristics at set intervals. Data is converted into graphical trends, displaying equipment performance & predicted lift cycle.

Chains, Drives & Conveying

  • Attachment Chains for Special Conveyor Applications
  • Conveyor Chains for Bulk Handling & Special Applications
  • Special Application Chains – Brick & Tile, Quarry, Steel, Cement, Food, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Recycling, Mini Piling & Drilling Rigs etc.

Automatic Lubricators 

  • Improve the life and reliability of your equipment, reducing down time and maintenance costs.
  • Improvements to your productivity.
  • First class service, with prompt deliveries, technical service and comprehensive dedicated documentation.
  • The right solution to the lubrication problem.

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